Fun Candy Alternatives for Filling Easter Eggs

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Easter is a festive and fun time for the entire family! Every year when my siblings and I would get home from sunrise Easter church service, we would get our baskets and go on a huge Easter egg hunt all around the house and yard. The reward was the delicious candy inside inside those colorful plastic eggs!

It’s no secret that kids love candy, but with sugar becoming such an issue, finding fun alternatives is a great idea! It also makes Easter egg hunting more fun when there are interest things inside the eggs, besides just candy. In fact, it's a new tradition that I am starting with my kids.

Here are my favorite things to fill plastic Easter eggs with that your kids will love!!

1) Popcorn – mix it up with kettle corn or cheese popcorn.

2) Granola Bites- many stores carry individually wrapped granola/health bar bites.

3) Coins – lose change makes the eggs fun to shake and the kids can add it to their piggy banks.

4) Stickers – any type you kids would love including fake tattoos.

5) Trail Mix – you can even add a few chocolate chips or M&M’s to make it more exciting.

6) Gum – make sure it’s sugar-free.

7) Dried Fruit – freeze-dried fruits can work as well.

8) Mini Pretzels – regular, peanut butter filled, yogurt covered.

9) Balloons – to blow up with air and hit around or fill with water for a water balloon toss.

10) Sponge Capsules - that grow when you put them in water.

11) Bouncy Balls – perfect for getting some exercise with.

12) Silly Putty – it fits perfectly in the eggs.

13) Trinkets – just go to the dollar store and you’ll find a bunch of fun things to fill the eggs with.

You can still add your favorite Easter candies, but instead of filling all the eggs with candy, try some of these alternatives!

Happy Hunting in a Healthier Way!

About the Author: Kendra Kessel is an award-winning music artist with a passion for educating and entertaining children. She is a seasoned singer, songwriter, producer, pianist and violinist with a immense background in performing and recording. In addition to music, Kendra has an extensive health background and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education (emphasis in Physical Education) from the University of Arizona. She has has worked as a Physical Education teacher and is Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (through the American Counsil on Exercise), Certified Youth Exercise Specialist, and Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist (through the National Academy of Sports Medicine).

When Kendra is not busy writing songs, recording albums and making music videos, she enjoys donating her time and talents as a children’s health advocate. Her biggest joy in life, though, is spending time with her husband and their young son at their beach side home in the Los Angeles area. To read more about Kendra, go to her BIOGRAPHY


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