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Kendra has worked professionally in the fitness and health industry for over 20 years. She has an extensive fitness and health background and in children's education. She holds several national fitness and health certifications in areas of fitness and health for adults and children and was a former licensed teacher, K-12. She is an advocate for children's health and wellness, family and kid's health specialist, and is working on upcoming projects for kids that inspire healthy living. Over the years, Kendra’s expertise has landed her on national television, fitness info-commercials, news broadcasts, and fitness DVDs. Additionally, her wellness advice has been featured in many national magazines including Muscle and Fitness Hers, Oxygen Magazine, Star Magazine, and several major city newspapers.


Kendra is an award-winning music artist with a passion for educating and entertaining children. Music is her outlet and joy in life. She is a seasoned singer, songwriter, producer, pianist and violinist (who picks up the ukulele and guitar from time-to-time) with an immense background in performing and recording. While she mainly creates music and videos for children and families, she is passionate about writing and recording mainstream music that has been referred to as a "easy-listening, pop-infused music with catchy melodies and silky-smooth vocals and harmonies...". Check out Kendra's Music and Videos.


Hollywood Music in Media Awards Winner

Global Music Awards Winner

Family Choice Award Winner

Parents' Choice Award Winner 

Akademia Music Awards Winner



Music is my outlet. I've just released a new song in hopes that it will bring comfort to those going through tough times, especially as a result of COVID19. You are not alone and things will get better. Please kindly share this video with anyone you know who could use an uplifting message.  



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