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Music for Children and Families

Award-Winning Album, Songs for a Health Mind and Body, debuts fun and upbeat songs that focus on health and wellness of the mind and body. These catchy songs will have both kids and adults moving and grooving, all while teaching valuable knowledge and lifelong lessons! 

Dance Dance Dance - Kendra K
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Be Kind - Kendra K
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2x Hollywood Music in Media Awards Winner

Global Music Awards Winner

Family Choice Award Winner

Parents' Choice Award Winner 

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Mainstream Music

Kendra Kessel showcases her songwriting and musicality with a her mainstream music that include well-crafted pop songs that are beautifully fused with elements of rock, country, adult contemporary, and ambient music.

Far Away - Kendra Kessel
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Close By - Kendra Kessel
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Music is my outlet. I've just released a new song in hopes that it will bring comfort to those going through tough times, especially as a result of COVID19. You are not alone and things will get better. Please kindly share this video with anyone you know who could use an uplifting message.  


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